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So You're Telling Me There's a Chance...

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

By: Phil Houk of Fighting Irish Preview

After the 1924 season, the Fighting Irish accepted a bid to play in the Rose Bowl, it was the Four Horseman's last game and the Irish defeated Stanford 27-10. They didn’t play in another Bowl game for 45 years, and haven’t returned to Pasadena, ever again.

Well, the Irish are back in the Rose Bowl, but only sort of, because as we all know, COVID, and the Clemson Tigers conspired to make it all crazy.

The site for the Rose Bowl, will be Dallas Texas, and the invitation to play just doesn’t feel all that great after a dominant loss at the hands of Trevor Lawrence, uh, uh, no I mean Clemson two weeks ago.

With the taste of that loss fresh, no, of course, it’s not the way the Irish wanted to return to the Rose Bowl.

But the ultimate goal of any college football season: to win it all, is alive, and what would you say if I told you that Alabama is vulnerable?

Exhibit one: Bama is a BIG favorite to beat the Irish- everyone is telling them it will be a cake walk.

Exhibit two: Florida proved that the Tide defense is vulnerable-arguably Alabama didn’t win that game, they just scored last.

Exhibit three: Notre Dame is a very good football team, full of playmakers and experience. Do you really think that the Irish won 10 games this year just by luck?

The Irish will enter their match up against Alabama, with a really big chip on their shoulder, and if the 10 wins they notched to start this COVID crazy year showed us anything it's that these guys are resilient and full of pride.

So, yes, Notre Dame has a chance to beat Alabama. Which means they also have a chance to win the National Championship. Keep in mind, over 120 other College teams have been eliminated from the quest, and the Irish are in the final four.

Anything is possible.

So, expect a focused team next Friday, that will show up, and all things considered, with just a bit more attitude than usual.

Rally Sons.

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