• Phil Houk

RUN THE FOOTBALL: a Fighting Irish Preview poem

A steamrolling line of seasoned steel

With backs "o’plenty" superb in skill.

When combined opponents are terrorized

A run game as good as advertised.

Kyren! C’Bo! Jafar and Tyree!

Graceful hardnosed speed all agree.

Feed them the ball good things will occur

Irish to the end zone in a blur.

Onward Liam, Patterson, Kraemer, Hainsey and Banks!

Paving the way like a phalanx of tanks.

Skill and experience imposing their will

Makes Fighting Irish gameday a brutal thrill.

A team Identity now obtained

A ground game has been unchained.

Tommy Rees dials up the plays

Coaches Taylor and Quinn also deserve praise.

2020 it's a season so strange

Covid-19 and everything a change.

But one thing for sure on the campus at Notre Dame

Running the football is a sure path to fame.

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